An avatar contest is a competition where users can submit an avatar, usually based on a specific theme, and have these avatars judged.

Each contest has a particular theme which users can use as a starting point to develop their avatars. Some examples of previous contest themes are "Ancient Egypt" or "Up All Night". Winners are chosen either through a public vote or by the creator of the contest.

Users with an active item Subscription can also create an avatar contest, with the prize pool coming from their own Bits. Prize pools of 1,000 Bits, 5,000 Bits, and 10,000 Bits can be chosen.


Entering a Contest Edit

In avatar contests, items are not limited to the items you own; each player has access to every item ever released. Therefore, the only limit is your imagination!

Some contests have item requirements, such as forcing users to equip a particular clothing item or mod. On occasion, there have also been contests where only items from a particular artist can be used.

Voting Edit

A number of avatar contests are open to a public vote. After the contest entry period has passed, users can vote on which avatars they liked the best by dragging avatars into order. Voters only need to order the top seven avatars, as these ratings are the only ones that are recorded. Public voting is open for 24 hours.

Active item subscribers that create their own contest can also choose to be the sole judge of that contest. A subscriber can also enter the contest that he or she creates.

Reward Edit

The top seven placements are awarded a portion of the prize pool, based on their ranking. The first place winner receives 50% of the prize pool, second place receives 25%, and the rest is divvied amongst the 5 other users. For a prize pool of 1000 Bits, the rewards for each placement are:

Placement # Bits Bits
1 500
2 250
3 50
4 50
5 50
6 50
7 50

Contest winners receive a message from the Admin announcing their placement and winnings.

Avatar contest placement