FANDOM is an avatar creation/forum site in the same vein as gaiaonline. It was created by the people who created, a site that created many helpful 3rd party tools for users of gaiaonline such as the dream avatar maker and item questing banner meters.

On you have the option of using sliders on each virtual item you buy for your avatar (and the avatar base it's self) that allow you to edit the color values, shadows and transparency. It is still difficult to get certain colors with certain items depending on their original shade and two-tone items often don't recolor well.

Also like the original Dream Avatar Maker you can turn on a mode to multi-layer items that occupy the same slot in the standard mode.

There is a 1000 bit (the currency in the game) cap per day you can earn, likely to try and prevent the eventually inflation that comes from currency hoarding on these types of sites. This is sometimes increased by 100 bits on days where someone buys a subscription.

You can earn bits by playing games or posting in the forums. A quick way to reach your bit cap it to play the robot puzzle game in practice mode for 50 bits a pop (if you win). Some games give you items.

You can add items from the marketplace to a wishlist. You can access your wishlist from the home page by clicking the RE in the corner and scrolling down:

Age: #
Avatar Saves: #
Faction: Choose...
Karma: #
Outfits: #
Posts: #
Wishlist: #

There are three basic pose options for your created avatar you can choose from a drop down: standard, victory and defeat. All will show during different points of a minigame battle but what you choose is the one that will show in forum posts.

There is a banner button at the bottom of your avatar customize page that allows you to reload it with every item on the site in your inventory like a dream avatar maker. You can't save your avatar in this mode.

You can buy a subscription monthly from but it doesn't seem to really get you very much in the way of site credit:

"Subscription Details
Subscription periods last for 31 days. While the subscription is active, your account will be able to vote on future items. After the end of each voting period, you will receive the top voted item free. If a user already has an item subscription, the time will be extended 31 days up to a maximum total of 120 days. Subscribers can gift purchase items for users who have made their wishlists public. Item subscriptions are handled through third parties: Paypal and Stripe. This site does not collect or store credit card information while making an item subscription purchase. Subscriptions cannot be refunded."