Karma is a currency that can be exchanged for various rewards. To view your Karma and the available rewards, visit the Karma page.

Karma can be earned by participating in a number of activities. The amount of Karma earned is varied and depends on the activity. The following activities earn Karma:

  • Posting in threads [5 Karma]
  • Answering polls [5 Karma]
  • Winning mini games [25 Karma]

Cashing in Karma Edit

Karma giftbox

Karma Box Edit

A Karma Box costs 1,000 Karma and contains items from the past.

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Become an Emote Edit

To become an emote, you must have at least 10,000 Karma.


Bit Conversion Edit

Karma can be converted into Bits. This is an all-or-nothing option; you cannot convert a portion of your Karma, it will convert all of the Karma you have available. You can see how many Bits you will receive before making the conversion, but the general rule is that Karma above 900 will always convert to 110 Bits. E.g.:

  • 1,000 Karma = 110 Bits
  • 2,000 Karma = 110 Bits
  • 3,000 Karma = 110 Bits
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Name Change Edit

You can purchase a name change for an initial cost of 1,000 Karma. Each time you purchase a name change, the cost increases each time you purchase it. When you change your name, your previous name will be made available to the public.