There are a number of minigames to play in six categories:

Language Edit

Chinese Edit

Drag the Chinese characters to appropriate English translations.

English Words Edit

Form words using the given letters. No proper nouns or plurals!

Finnish Edit

Drag the Finnish words to appropriate English translations.

Japanese Edit

Drag the Japanese words to appropriate English translations.

Spanish Edit

Drag the Spanish words to appropriate English translations.

Vietnamese Edit

Drag the Vietnamese words to appropriate English translations.

Math Edit

1, 2, or 3 Edit

Coin Compare Edit

Pick the box with the highest value of coins.

Drops Edit

Keep track of the drops and then pick the bucket that caught the most.

Greater and Less Edit

If circle is red, pick a higher number. If circle is blue, pick a lower number.

Math Operators Edit

Choose the correct math operator to make the equation equal.

Memory Edit

Memory Boxes Edit

Remember which boxes are highlighted, then select them.

Memory Match Edit

Match similar pictures; find all the matches!

Number Order Edit

Memorize where the numbers are, then pick them in order.

The Box Edit

Memorize the items. Identify the missing item.

What Vanished? Edit

Memorize the items, then find where one vanished.

Misc Edit

Anagrams Edit

Find the box that is the anagram of the word shown.

Braille for dumb blind people Edit

Drag the braille symbols to appropriate English translations.

Cups Edit

Keep track of the cup that holds the star.

OddVowel Edit

Does the text contain an odd number, a vowel, both, or neither?

Sign Language Edit

Drag the American Sign Language symbols to appropriate English translations.

Greticnkd Edit

Minigames puzzle

Gears Edit

Drag the gears to connect the top gear to the bottom gear.

Invert Edit

Turn all of the lights off (or on). Clicking a light also changes nearby lights.

Match None Edit

Slide the fruit around until no adjacent are matching.

Pipes Edit

Choose the blue arrow that will reach the end target!

Slide Puzzle Edit

Move the tiles around to match the solution in the center.

Visual Edit

Find the Identical Twins Edit

Find the twins in the crowd.

Reverse Silhouette Edit

Match the silhouette shown with the item uptop

Shades Edit

Find the box that is a slightly different colour.

Shapes Edit

Find the two matching shapes. Color does not matter.

Silhouettes Edit

Match the item shown with its silhouette below.

Tiles Edit

Sort the tiles to form the original picture.

Minigame Battle Edit

Occasionally you will see a minigame battle popup at the top of the main Minigames page. Clicking on the Battle button will load a page with a swirling void.

Clicking on the void will cause a magician to appear, with a large healthbar at the top. You must beat 4 randomly selected minigames in order to win the battle; every win depletes the magician's health by 25%.