Quads is a great way of earning bits and bonus gifts.

Rules Edit

Quads is played on a four-by-four (4×4) grid of blank spaces where cards will be placed as the game progresses. Each card has four numbers, or 'ranks', placed in the bottom center; each number corresponds to one of the four sides of the card. A deck has one Major Card and 7 Minor Cards. The sum of the numbers is 12 for a Minor Card and 18 for a Major Card.

Each player has eight cards. The player to go first is chosen at random and must choose a card to play anywhere on the grid. After the first card is played, the opposing player will play a card on any unoccupied space on the board. The game continues with players' turns alternating.

To win, a majority of the total sixteen cards played must be of the player's card color. To do this, the player must capture cards by placing a card adjacent to an opponent's card whereupon the 'ranks', or numbers, of the sides where the two cards touch will be compared. If the rank of the player's card is higher than the opponent's card, the opponent's card will be captured and turned into the player's color.

Selecting a Deck Edit

Before playing Quads, you have a choice of using one of the default decks (Angled, Balanced, or Directed) or customizing your own deck.

Angled Edit

The majority of the Minor Cards in this deck have their available points distributed to two of the four sides, with those two sides being adjacent.This deck is used as a way to control the corners of the board, using strategies such as defending or baiting.

Balanced Edit

This deck balances offense with defense; the Major Card's ranks are almost all equal, and all the Minor Cards have had their points distributed to at least two sides of the card.

Directed Edit

This deck is focused on offense. Three of the four Minor Cards have all their points placed on one side of the card. This deck relies on overpowering cards, but lacks defensive capabilities.

Custom Deck Edit

Your custom decks will appear in the dropdown alongside the three default decks. To create a custom deck, click the New Deck button to the right of the Quads Deck interface.

The Major Card can be assigned up to 14 points, and these points can be divvied out to each of the four sides. The Minor Cards can be assigned up to 8 points.

You can also enter NPC dialogue which will display when playing in vs. AI mode.

Trivia Edit

Quads is based on the Final Fantasy VIII game Triple Triad.